Thursday, 23 June 2016

Monster's University Cake!

This one was a request for a little guy's birthday so I can't take credit for the design as I think it was found on google somewhere! To be honest I wasn't sure whether structurally it was going to work until I placed the giant sphere that is Mike Wagowski on top of the Sully cake and it didn't collapse. I know it looks like a giant ball of icing but I promise there's cake in there! For the Mike cake I baked two vanilla sponges in a half sphere tin and sandwiched them together with buttercream icing to make a sphere. I then covered it in more buttercream before laying over the ready made icing as best as I could. This took a couple of tries! I really think covering cakes smoothly with any kind of fondant, (especially round cakes!) is one of the trickiest parts of cake decorating. I am in total awe of those who can do it flawlessly! Anyway, the very bottom was a little messy but that's fine as that part is always going to be hidden. All of his extra decoration, including his arms and legs, are simply ready made icing that I was able to fix in place quite easily with a little royal icing. I find this is the best kind of icing to use if you want to adhere anything heavy to a fairly dry surface as it hardens with air over time and so holds everything in place well. The Sully cake is two stacked Madeira sponges. I wasn't sure if the 'fluffy coat' layer was going to be thick enough to complement the sponge well so I gave him an initial smooth coat of blue buttercream icing before going in with the piping bag. For this I use a simple round tip nozzle and piped squiggly lines until he was fully covered, leaving blank circular areas to fill in with the purple later. I think the effect would have been more impressive if I'd used a much smaller tip so I would recommend that if you have the extra time to spare. It is a little time consuming but not really difficult as you don't have to be too neat, he is a monster after all!

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