Sunday, 31 March 2013

50th Birthday Cake!


My first ever full-sized cake! I think there's a lot of technique to laying the fondant over the cake without imperfections etc, so hopefully that will come with practice as this is nowhere near perfect! The sausage dog was tricky too, (requested from the person buying) I'm not too sure what happened to my icing but it seems to have cracked a little on his back :( Might have left him in the fridge too long. Other than that I didn't have much instruction so my mum suggested spring colours which I think work really well :) For the border I learnt how to make roses with fondant and gum trag and placed them around the bottom of the cake with royal icing. Think it looks really pretty, so I'm super pleased with that! Will try it again. I also really like the '50' made out of fondant and silver lustre dust painted on. The stuff dries really quickly and looks really professional! I ordered a few other colours too so no doubt i'll experiment more soon. Overall I'm happy. Gonna try some more full sized cakes v. soon!